Eddie is an exceptional acupuncturist. Very knowledgeable and sensitive. Just after one session I felt the relief of a lifetime, as if all the tension I was holding in my body for over 50years finally released at once. The sense of cleansing, calm and balance is immense and at the same time the energy levels I have are so much higher. I feel new and at ease and peace. 

        Georgina G, London

Eddie is a brilliant acupuncturist... conscientious, knowledgeable and sensitive. Over a series of sessions she has managed to shift and heal many issues, from subtle old energies that I have been holding on to.. to an emergency frozen shoulder. I'd recommend her presence and skills to anybody for truly holistic healing.

       India B, London

I have a degenerative disc on my lower left side and was not looking forward to getting a train. Eddie achieved a lot in a short amount of time and managed to relieve the aggravation enough for me to have a far easier journey and weekend than I would have otherwise. Aside from technique, Eddie is an astute and calming presence and I'd recommend her to anyone!

      Jamie M, London

I have received acupuncture from Eddie on multiple occasions and love our sessions. I always leave feeling a deep release, happier, more comfortable in my skin and sleep better. I'm new to it and have been uncomfortable around needles, but Eddie's calm presence, perceptive questioning and compassionate approach has helped me to really benefit from this treatment holistically. Her considerable knowledge is evident and I am consistently impressed with her diagnostics and deft application. Our work has focussed on emotional issues in the main part, though she gave short shrift to a nasty muscle knot that a professional massage couldn't shift. I cannot recommend her enough.

        Maria B, London

Eddie is a clearly talented, intuitive and professional acupuncturist. I have been seriously impressed by her wide knowledge and the results we have achieved in a short time, seeing significant improvements in long-standing physical issues (shoulder and back injuries) and also deeper emotional issues (stress, anxiety, grief) which she is particularly skilled at identifying and nurturing, helping you to see how the two are usually interconnected. She has an amazingly calming energy which helps you relax into the treatment and she takes great care to explain exactly what the diagnosis and treatment plan is so that you have a deeper understanding of your body, which I’ve found invaluable and have carried into my everyday life.

I really look forward to my sessions as I leave feeling so light and grounded, which are a result of the acupuncture but also Eddie’s magical touch and energy.

I would strongly recommend Eddie to anyone seeking an affordable natural treatment to any physical or emotional issue.

         Christina H, London

I was new to acupuncture and Eddie really clearly and patiently explained the purpose, ideas and benefits behind it. Really gentle and I found the treatment effective.

        Dan L, London

Eddie has helped me so much this year. I'd been having intense muscle cramps in my calves that were making walking difficult. From the first session the problem began to reduce and I'm now at the point that I can freely exercise again. Very kind and patient, highly recommended!

         Rich R, London

I highly recommend this. Deep River Acupuncture delivers a very effective, sensitive and person specific Acupuncture treatment and i found it really helped me to get entire relief from a work related injury.

       Polly R-S, London